TAKENAKA OPTONIC Semiconductor laser projector that consolidated advanced laser technology. Green laser and blue violet laser, etc. are lineups.
It corresponds to a variegated field and the usage by abundant semiconductor laser products.

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Precautions for Laser Safety

- Do not look into the laser beam.
- To use the laser product, provide safety preventive measures thoroughly depending on the laser class, in accordance with JIS C 6802:2005.(For the IEC standard,consult us.)
- Laser Class is classified into 1,1M,2,2M,3R,3B and 4. Our laser products provide a relatively low output in the range of Class 1 to Class 3B,which have no influence on the skin.
-To indicate the laser output class,an identification label is pasted or attached to laser products.

JIS C6802

Handling Precautions

Do not use laser products in the following environments
- high temperature or low temperature.
- A place with high humidity where condensation may occur
- A corrosive gas or solvent mist atmosphere
- A place where water or oil may splash, or there is much dust
- A place where vibration or impact is directly applied to the product body

Precautions for connections and installation
- Do not exceed the operating conditions given in the specifications of each product.
- The laser projectors incorporate high-precision optical systems and electronic circuits. When handling the products, use thorough caution about temperature, humidity, electrical noise and static electricity.
- Never attempt to disassemble the products.
- There is no limitation on the mounting orientation.
- Use the Takenaka original mounting brackets intended for 8,12 and 16. When using a high-power type laser projector,select a metal mounting bracket that allows heat radiation from the product body. This results in prolonged service life of the product.
- For a DC power supply, use a stabilized low-noise power supply.
- Connect an AC power supply unit to a low-noise instrumentation power outlet separate from a driving power line. If a high noise level is expected in the power source, insert a noise filter or noise-cut transformer into the power line.
- Do not rapidly turn ON/OFF the power supply.
- If you extend the power cable, the length of the DC power cable should be 2 m or less, and you can extend the AC power supply cable.
- To extend the DC power cable, consider the current consumption, and select the cable diameter so as to reduce a voltage drop between the connected cables.
- To ensure safety, a product equipped with a ground terminal must be grounded.
- Connect the ground terminal to a clean point with as low grounding resistance as possible. If the ground is shared with high-power equipment (manufacturing machine, inverter motor, etc.), the equipment may be damaged by noise interference.


- The product warranty period is one year from delivery of the product. (Note: If the product uses a laser element whose service life is less than one year, only the laser element is excluded from this warranty period.)
- If the product has a failure attributable to our responsibility within the product warranty period, only the relevant part shall be repaired or replaced.
- The product provides a light emitting function only. Even if a disaster or accident occurs with the equipment that uses this product, we shall not compensate for any damage caused by the disaster or accident.

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