TAKENAKA OPTONIC Semiconductor laser projector that consolidated advanced laser technology. Green laser and blue violet laser, etc. are lineups.
It corresponds to a variegated field and the usage by abundant semiconductor laser products.

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Laser Projector

Red or green laser used for this projector. It is Compact and light weight. Suitable for installation into small equipment for alignment use.
Laser-Projector LDS seriesLaser-Projector LDB SeriesLaser-Projector LDV SeriesLaser-Projector LDSF SeriesLaser-Projector LDZ Series

Laser-Projector LDBG SeriesLaser-Projector newLDU SeriesLaser-Projector LXD SeriesLaser-Projector LDH SeriesLaser-Projector LDHG Series

Laser for Image Sensing

Non gaussian beam, Ultra-fine line pattern projector. You can obtain high-quality data on 3D measurement.
Laser-Projector LDB_HFL・FLDS SeriesLaser-Projector MLDV SeriesLaser-Projector  High-Power LDB SeriesLaser-Projector LDB,CS・LDB,PS SeriesLaser-Projector LDB540 Series

LED Projector

Using easy-on-the-eyes, safe, and highly-bright LED.
LED-Projector  オレンジ色クロスパターンLED-Projector オレンジ色ラインパターンLED-Projector オレンジ色グリッドパターン

LED-Projector 緑色クロスパターンLED-Projector 緑色ラインパターンLED-Projector 緑色グリッドパターン

He-Ne Projector

He-Ne Laser is used for the source of light.
Termination of manufacture
He-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne Projector

He-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne ProjectorHe-Ne Projector

Light Projector

Projector in the source of light with a lamp.
ライトプロジェクター クロスパターンライトプロジェクター ラインパターンライトプロジェクター ドットパターン

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