TAKENAKA OPTONIC Semiconductor laser projector that consolidated advanced laser technology. Green laser and blue violet laser, etc. are lineups.
It corresponds to a variegated field and the usage by abundant semiconductor laser products.

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Laser-Projector new LDU Series

Summary Features
> Compact type using an AC power supply
> Incorporating a high-performance noise filter
> The LDU series product lineup covers
> 1mW to 9mW output (maximum).
> The Z-type provides an ultra-fine line width and a wide fan angle.
> "Cross" and "Line" patterns are available. The lens focus is adjustable.
> Equipped with power switch and shutter
> Compact, light weight, long service life, and high quality

Catalog PDFOutline Drawing PDFTerminologyPrecautions
LDU163S1/2 Spot Pattern 1mmφ 1mW CLASS 2
LDU163L1/2 Line Pattern length:500mm・width:0.8mm 1mW CLASS 2
LDU163LZ1/2 Line Pattern length:1300mm・width:0.4mm 1mW CLASS 2
LDU563LZ1/2 Line Pattern length:1300mm・width:0.4mm 5mW CLASS 2M
LDU763LZ1/2 Line Pattern length:1300mm・width:0.4mm 7mW CLASS 2M
LDU963LZ1/2 Line Pattern length:1300mm・width:0.4mm 9mW CLASS 3R
LDU563C1/2 Cross Pattern length:150×150mm・width:1mm 5mW CLASS 2M
Common Specifications
Wave Length : 635nmOperating Life Time : 10000hours or more
Projection System : Lens Focus TypeFocusing System : Variable
Power Supply : 1.AC85-125V 2.AC170-250VPower Consumption : 3VA
Operating Temperature : -10℃~+50℃ (non-freezing)Operating Humidity : 20~85%RH (non-condensing)
MASS : 700gConnecting System : Flying Lead With Connector (1500mm)
Mounting bracket


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