TAKENAKA OPTONIC Semiconductor laser projector that consolidated advanced laser technology.
Green laser and blue violet laser, etc. are lineups.
It corresponds to a variegated field and the usage by abundant semiconductor laser products.

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Laser Projector

Laser ProjectorRed or green laser used for this projector. It is Compact and light weight. Suitable for installation into small equipment for alignment use.

He-Ne Projector

He-Ne LaserHe-Ne Laser is used for the source of light.
(termination of manufacture 2014.04)

LED Projector

LED ProjectorUsing easy-on-the-eyes, safe, and highly-bright LED.

Laser for Image Sensing

Laser for Image SensingNon gaussian beam, Ultra-fine line pattern projector. You can obtain high-quality data on 3D measurement.

Light Projector

Light ProjectorProjector in the source of light with a lamp.

Industrial semiconductor laser projector

Semiconductor laser LDF515 series New release!

Semiconductor laser ldf515 series

Green luminescence with a pure semiconductor.
In the conventional DPSS system, the good sharp line of visibility can be projected from the wide category temperature range which is not obtained and a long life.

>>ldf515 Series Specifications

Laser for medical equipment

Laser side pointer ALPC Series Release!

Automatic position gap compensation system laser side pointer

Automatic position gap compensation system laser side pointer ALPC series maintains the high accuracy of pinpoint irradiation.
Emerald green laser gentle to eyes as fresh color and skillful sky blue laser were added.
Please ask to a head office about the details of a product.

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2019 Exhibition

2019/4/12 - 4/14
International Technical Exhibition of
Medical Imaging 2019

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Oct. 3 - 6
Mokkiten Japan
Wood EcoTec 2019


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